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2016 Mercedes E-Class New, Price

2016 Mercedes E-Class front

The 2016 Mercedes E-class will be overhauled for the 2016 model in a bid to revive sales and also boosting its appeal. The new car will mix substance and style, pack brand engines, overflow with space age gadgets, and spawn sports car and a 7-seater. Here`s all the juicy stuff about the 2016 Mercedes E-class:

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2016 Mercedes Benz GLK Engine, Price

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK front

One of the most popular and luxurious small SUV, the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK. Has reached the final phase and you can expect some great looks and power from this one. As per some of the leaked pictures, this model will not be the same size of the previous one so that it can make some room for the upcoming 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA class. By the pictures it is clear that the front of the car (i.e. the hood) has been slightly stretched and also the front axle has been pushed forward to fit it’s longer wheelbase as the new one will comprise longer kind of wheelbase in market. So the benefit observed will be the improved dynamics of the car plus ample amount of interior space. There’s good news for the customer’s in U.K., Japan, Australia and many others as the new model will also get a right hand drive configuration.

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