Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept News, Review

Mitsubishi is known for its classy automotive models consumed worldwide. The new Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept has revolutionized the future wheels with improved high grade features to meet consumer needs when its released. This model comes with advanced next generation technology that covers amazing speed and engine performance. This model invention is incorporated with next generation EV feature.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept front

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept Exterior and Interior

Its design reborn to crossover sports with that classy look like shooting brake. Fitted with front and rear sensing cameras that improve drivers visibility and accuracy. At the front, it host x-shaped grille as dynamic shield, high quality sharp LED headlights which are curved in and protected by strong metallic. The battery will be at the center, this will reduce gravity of the machine. The exterior design looks curved and extra smooth shape. Its doors are ease access without middle pillars. The seats are from high quality classy material, the passenger and driver’s seats have different colors. This makes the interior extra stylish and beautiful. The center house console has 2 portable batteries that can be used for other daily activities. Traditional door mirrors are replaced with side view monitors, using HD cameras can display rear images and reduce eye movements while driving. Moreover the rear mirror is replaced with rear monitor using high definition cameras. The company logo will be at the front and rear. Both doors open from the middle. This model will come with many color preferences.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept rear

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept Interior

The Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept interior has advanced up to date technology systems. The front windshield is augmented reality. It can display special information on the screen while driving to escape any dangers ahead. It has high driving automated technologies and advanced safety technologies. The front and rear camera are connected to the large LED touch screen help spot any danger or obstruction. Moreover it has an automatic system that can detect any malfunction then alert driver to get fixed. The hi-tech navigation system and updated weather climate change system. The interior will have 5-seat capacity while the rear seat can fold down for more cargo space. Front seats have LED screen at the back for rear seated passengers, this offers maximum entertainment. Moreover good quality sound system, USB support that is compatible to all electronic gadgets, Bluetooth connectivity and WIFI enhanced system.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept interior

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept Engine

The Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept comes with an electric motor; front and rear each generating 94 horsepower. The battery is lithium ion producing 45 kWh. The rear wheels have split torque variations. Front and rear fitted with two motors makes this machine lighter and can go to 400km range or approximately 248 miles. its drive-train is the four motors on the four wheel drive. Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept electrically powered it will be the futures zero- emission machine. The driver can select the drive mode from the given three selections for high full performance. Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept Release Date and Price: The release date of the Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept is not yet out but is speculated to be before 2020.morover no official price has been given about the machine but being the anticipated high class model, it will have a good price for it. Nissan Juke that also provide zero-emission with high technologies advancement close to the Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept. However the Mitsubishi will strive.

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