Still making the headlines – 2016 BMW 9-Series

2016 BMW 9-Series is looking to provide a better high range car to be able to compete with the cars in the similar range. This car is also expected to give the potential buyers with the uniqueness of BMW in the range which was lacking till date. Here are the things that you can expect from this series of cars.

2016 BMW 9-Series Front

2016 BMW 9-Series Design

2016 BMW 9-Series is set to add more versatility in the brand’s manufacturing line. This versatility should be more appreciated by the customers than disliked. The design of this car is perfect to give its competitors a perfect challenge, yet does not compromise on its essential features that separate and make BMW cars unique from the other cars.

With reduce weight and aggressive looks, this car can go for a high speed run without requiring a too powerful engine. The look of this car is mostly contributed by its face. Sleek headlamps, with very thin lines of laser based lights accompanied by regular BMW grilles make the front part of this car very unique and comparatively more aggressive than you have seen on any other car.


To match up with its quality exterior design, it had to get a very impactful interior, otherwise this car would have lost out on the contrast it would have showcased. This car is very long and able to accommodate four passengers in two rows with comfortable spacing for headroom and legroom. Its seats are also put up with the quality materials which provide comfort along with the classy look that it deserves.

Like most other cars, 2016 BMW 9-Series too has got the new and modern gadgets that will make this car worth seating inside. Very powerful and upgrade infotainment system from BMW accompanied by powerful music system and connectivity makes this car worth enjoying while on your ride.


The safety of 2016 BMW 9-Series is also appreciated to quite an extent. This car features high quality, secure body design without taking on additional weight for strong and crash-proof design. This car is acclaimed to be car coming with ballistic security design and is referred in many quotations as an armoured sedan. Compared to the other cars in the similar range, this is the one which claims to provide the most secure design along with safety features that the design boast of.

2016 BMW 9-Series Rear

2016 BMW 9-Series engine

As BMW is coming out with two new series of cars, 7-Series being the other, the company has decided to keep itself away from disclosing the specific amount this care can affect your pocket by. Along with the price, its engine is also undisclosed. The aggressive appearance of 2016 BMW 9-Series does indicate that it would have some powerful engines underneath to justify its look.

2016 BMW 9-Series Interior

2016 BMW 9-Series price

If you are waiting by a luxury car that has got some look and may be powerful enough too, then 2016 BMW 9-Series is something that you might look out for too. To know more on this car, you may wait for a few more months for the official unveiling and disclosure of numerous aspects of the cars which are yet unknown.

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