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2018 BMW Z5 Price, Engine

2018 BMW Z5 front

The 2018 BMW Z5 will be the first model developed under the Bavarians cooperation with Japanese auto maker, Toyota. It can be considered as a successor of Z4 and BMW main aim is to reinvent the sports roadster segment. This they intend to do with a unique and an avant-garde design combined with roadster proportions. It’s weight is intended to be less in order to support high-speed engines. BMW will utilize the structure of 2017 BMW Z5 for 2018 BMW Z5 model.

2017 BMW X6 Changes, Review

2017 BMW X6 front

The 2017 BMW X6 model is a high-end crossover SUV that is endowed with diverse state of the art automobile features. BMW X6 2017 model is poised to feature diverse changes that make the vehicle suitable for today’s ever competitive market. The anticipated changes mean that the vehicle will be efficient, powerful and comfortable to handle compared with its predecessors.

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2017 BMW M5 Price, Released

2017 BMW M5 front

BMW M5 has built a huge name for twenty-seven years of its existence. It is widely- known by many people as the best sports car in the world. Therefore, it cannot be surprising that many people are anxiously waiting for the arrival of new model – 2017 BMW M5.

2016 BMW M3 Release Date, MPG

2016 BMW M3 front

The 2016 BMW M3 is considerably different from it predecessors. The 2016 BMW M3 has a more aggressive appearance, a rigid and somewhat lightweight chassis and most notably an astonishing performance.

2016 BMW X1 News, Review

2016 BMW X1 front

The X1 is the smallest crossover of BMW that was first introduced in 2009. This vehicle was greatly admired by buyers, owing to its sedan-like dynamics, influential engines, and outstanding fuel saving. Above and beyond these features, the BMW X1 would be introduced with a groundbreaking exterior design, a revamped interior and modernized engines.

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2016 BMW X3 Price, New

2016 BMW X3 front

2016 BMW X3 is a top choice among the compact luxury sport utility vehicles. In its sixth year of production, the X3 doesn’t receive notable changes for 2016 because it got a fresh face-lift last year which almost burnished the car’s appeal. The new diesel engine offers a high level of fuel efficiency. It’s a vehicle that’s getting better with age. The 2016 BMW X3 has been a winner from day one and it isn’t showing signs of allowing down anytime soon.

2016 BMW M5 Change, Release Date

2016 BMW M5 front

The BMW M5 has for the longest time been a rear-wheel drive monster which could very easily outrun Porsches or Ferraris while offering the luxury of most other executive saloons. However, BMW are planning on changing all that with the 2016 BMW M5, their slight update to the previous model. This new model will offer more power and new transmission options. This should be the biggest change to the M5 since the original release; a change BMW hopes will make this car a lot more desirable.

2016 BMW M2 Exterior, Interior

2016 BMW M2 front

Riding on the success of the BMW’s 1 series M model released in 2011, the manufacturer is set to release the second in the series i.e. 2016 BMW M2. Though dubbed as a sort of experiment for the manufacture to determine whether there was a market for smaller versions of M3, the M1 quickly became a favorite for many BMW enthusiasts across the globe. The company has branded the new car as a “compact luxury” car set to fill the gap between M235i and M4.

2016 BMW Z4 Review, Engine

2016 BMW Z4 front

BMW company has been credited as one of the top car companies producing the best luxurious cars. What is this that makes this company dominate in the current market? Well, BMW has hit its high limits again by presenting 2016 BMW Z4. This model has been modified in a manner enabling it to be superior to its dynasties. The new model has been credited to provide excess comfort for its users above any other BMW model ever produced. Let us see what the company has managed to achieve from the new 2016 BMW Z4.

2016 BMW 5 Series Price

2016 BMW 5 Series Front

The all-new BMW 5 Series is not going to be out on the roads till the year 2016, but rumor has it that the car will have everything in terms of classy looks, superb build quality, and in delivering the sort of experience that its rivals, the Jaguar XF, Audi A6, and Mercedes E-class simply cannot match. This newcomer by the German manufacturer is currently being expected to come with a somewhat radical design, a look that is totally sports and inspired by its 4 series predecessor, with lots of redesigning in terms of the stubby nose of the car. There have been rumors that the new looks of the car are going to be inspired by the Gran Lusso concept that was initially exhibited at the Villa d’EsteConcoursd’Elegance in Italy this year.