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2016 Ford Atlas Price, Engine

2016 Ford Atlas front

The market today demands bigger and luxurious tracks that reflect modern multi-purpose life. Many people seem to move for iconic trucks that reflect the above factors perfectly. Ford F-150 is a perfectly designed vehicle that has been purchased greatly in the recent past in the United States. The new ford atlas 2016 seems to be the improvement of Ford F-150 although it presents new techniques and structure that makes it a perfect design for the future market. This year show of 2016 Ford Atlas brought a clear overview of the look of new generation 2016 trucks. The sample brought had several features that reflect improvement mainly added to gain many markets. Let’s venture in features for you to understand exactly how the new 2016 Ford Atlas vehicles will look like when released into the market.

2016 Ford F250 Fuel Economy, Price

2016 Ford F250 front

The newly redesigned 2016 Ford F250 is anticipated to come with remarkable refreshments compared to its predecessors. The Ford Company has yet again succeeded in preserving its good reputation of doing excellent work on the F series. The latest F series is expected to be luxurious and affordable to all walks of life.

2016 Ford Super Duty Changes, Release Date

2016 Ford Super Duty front

2016 Ford Super Duty is the largest pick up track basically prepared for hardest jobs. Upon release, this model is likely to be upgraded to enhance its stability and competence. The engine of this model is authoritative as compared to the previous 2015 Ford Super Duty. Reliable sources indicate that the size of the model will definitely remain the same. On the other hand, this model will come with immense strength since it has no concession on its power and ability.

2016 Ford Expedition Released, MPG

2016 Ford Expedition front

Finally, Ford is launching the all new 2016 Ford Expedition into the market. This SUV was released into the market around the mid-nineties to replace the Bronco model. The manufacturer is also not letting it go anytime soon for the simple reason that it has been received well over the past couple of years. As a result, the 2016 Ford Expedition is expected to be launched soon.

2016 Ford Raptor Electronic, Price

2016 Ford Raptor front

The 2016 Ford Raptor is a great improvement compared to its previous models for most disadvantages in its predecessors have been discarded. The model can handle dirty, rocky, bumpy and barren desert roads at incredibly high speeds while maintaining safety precautions. Its redesigned exterior and powerful engine makes the Ford one of the best trucks in the market currently.

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2016 Ford Explorer Changes, Price

2016 Ford Explorer front

2016 Ford Explorer the latest full-size SUV from Ford Motors Company comes with some important updates. And definitely the biggest attention caught the Platinum trim added as a top trim. Other than this, 2016 Ford Explorer features several exterior and interior changes. Design was upgraded both inside and out. Here are the most interesting facts about 2016 Ford Explorer and changes it went through: